Today, support a Montreal gem!


Today, support a Montreal gem!

For over three decades, the mission and resonance of FIFA worldwide have inspired, stimulated and educated tens of thousands of people every year. In a city that celebrates art, culture and creativity, FIFA is a driving force and key reference. Its annual event is a window to the very essence of creativity and the human spirit. Discovering artists, women and men of culture, creators, but also and above all seeing what hides behind classical, experimental artistic expressions, is a privilege. This deeper view of the spirit, imagination and human genius is possible thanks to you!

As you know, the festival is a great celebration every year and many of you attend it loyally. Again for the 38th edition, many hours of documentaries will be presented. These hours represent a huge amount of love, passion and giving from the directors, producers and their teams. A love and a passion that they share generously with you!

Edition after edition, the large and enthusiastic audience looks forward to living the unique experience of our much-loved festival. FIFA enjoys exceptional support from its community. You are part of it and we sincerely thank you for that. 

Your support is essential and allows us to feature films and their creators in the best conditions,to allow schools and universities to benefit from advantageous fares and most importantly, to allow the festival to have a bright future!

With a donation of $55 , you give a pass to a young school drop-out, allowing attendance at the entire festival !
With a donation of $500, you fully fund a creative workshop in schools and CEGEPS at reduced rates.
With a donation of $1,500, you allow us to host an artist and present his/her film in the best conditions.

FIFA is a non-profit organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. A tax receipt for any donation equal to or higher than $25 made before December 31 will be issued for the fiscal year of 2019.

The FIFA team says thank you!

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